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The term basin can refer to:

  • A wash hand basin (WHB), sometimes referred to as a washbasin, handbasin, basin or washbowl, which is typically bowl shaped and can hold water for washing hands, face, brushing teeth etc. It is generally supplied with water by hot and cold taps, has a drain at the lowest point and may have an overflow part way up the bowl. Wash hand basins are a form of sanitaryware that would traditionally have been manufactured from porcelain (a ceramic material made from clay that might be described as 'vitreous china' when coated with enamel) and is often white. However, sanitary appliances are now made from a wide range of materials, including metals, acrylics, glass and so on.
  • A ground depression that is normally dry, that can store surface water before infiltration into the ground (an infiltration basin) and / or provide attenuation and where vegetated, provide treatment (a detention basin). Ref The SuDS Manual, CIRIA C753, 2015. A river basin, is a depressed area of land in which surface water collects that is drained by a river.

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