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Assembly area


[edit] Introduction

There are various definitions for the term ‘assembly area’, as outlined below.

[edit] Manufacturing

First, it can be a dedicated area (as part of a larger space) in which components are assembled. In a production plant, there may be a dedicated space for collecting, combining or assembly of components that is quite distinct from the manufacture of the components, allowing a finished- or semi-finished product to leave the factory.

However, many modern factories are either not large enough or not specialised enough to encompass both production and assembly under one roof and so are geared to either component manufacture or component assembly. The car industry is a typical example where many components are brought in from a diverse supply chain and assembled under one roof. But even in these cases, there may be an assembly area.

[edit] Construction

On a building site, an assembly area may be used for:

[edit] A safe zone

An assembly area may also be a safe zone located a certain distance from a building where staff and other building users can gather in the event of an emergency. Many companies include a safe zone or ‘place of safety’ as part of their evacuation plans in the event of a fire or other emergency. The aim is to achieve an orderly transfer of building occupants to a point where they will be safe and accounted for. There may also be a safe area for this purpose on a construction site.

See Place of safety.

[edit] A leisure space

An assembly area may be any space or room that allows individuals to gather for social, recreational, educational, civic or amusement purposes. For example, schools typically have a large, multi-functional space where 'assemblies' take place.

For more information see: Assembly and recreation definition.

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