Last edited 25 Nov 2020

Vertical riser

A vertical riser is any component that extends vertically through a building, including for example stairs and lifts, but the term is most commonly used to refer to ductwork, pipes, conduits and cables.

Vertical ducts should be carefully positioned in order to try and keep pipe and cable run lengths to a minimum, and also, in the case of pipework, to avoid unnecessary bends.

Since vertical risers generally breach floors, they can present a hazard in terms of enabling the spread of fire and so must be appropriately fire protected.

Other types of vertical riser include:

NB The term ‘riser’ can also be used in relation to the components of stairs. A stair riser is the vertical face between the back of the tread of one stair and the front of the tread of the stair above. For more information, see Stairs riser.

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