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Temporary and interim building types


[edit] Introduction

While structures such as sheds and warehouses are often thought of as being permanent, there are a number of situations in which a shorter timeframe is required. Whether for a few weeks, months or even a year, a temporary structure may be appropriate instead.

There are a range of circumstances in which a short-term building may better suit project needs.

[edit] Construction site storage

When building a structure, it is important to have somewhere to store construction equipment at night time and on weekends. A temporary building with the following qualities may be suitable:

  • Quick to erect and dismantle.
  • Can be built on any surface.
  • Size can be adjusted if necessary.

[edit] Emergency structures

Emergency structures may be necessary if a building has been damaged by fire, floods, storms, vandalism and so on. An interim structure can offer a suitable solution allowing business activities to continue at the same location while repairs are carried out.

[edit] Building expansion

Sometimes the home or office can become too cluttered. Whether belongings have piled up or there is a need to hire more staff, it can be important to find additional space quickly. Erecting a temporary building can be a suitable option as it provides nearby space to accommodate additional needs while a longer-term solution is sought.

These structures can serve a dual purpose, acting as a space for storage or staff while also providing room for builder’s equipment when they are working on new accommodation.

[edit] Events

Lastly, interim structures be used for events, whether for a hall to showcase a range of displays or a warehouse to store food, drinks and other essentials. Events might include; sports, carnivals, agricultural shows, expos, concerts and so on.

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