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Natural stone paving


[edit] Introduction

Known for its durability, longevity and most notably, its natural beauty, natural stone paving has been widely used throughout history in construction. Whether it be for commercial or residential projects, natural stone paving is a highly sought-after material for all kinds of projects. Here we will be exploring everything you need to know about this stone.

[edit] How can natural stone benefit a property?

Natural stone is most revered first and foremost for its unique aesthetic appeal, with no two slabs containing the same pattern. Each and every piece of natural stone paving has its own distinctive blend of colours and tones, allowing for an entirely bespoke creation. You will also find that over time, the appearance of natural stone can improve and continue to age well for years to come.

The distinct durability and frost resistance of natural rock is beneficial for properties that have high traffic areas or are exposed to harsh weather conditions. It can be the perfect solution for those looking to have paving which requires minimal maintenance, is extremely simple to clean and looks great year-round.

With human-made stone requiring high energy processing that pumps CO2 into the atmosphere, natural stone can be a better choice. Natural stone is arguably ahead of the majority of building materials with its green credentials.

[edit] What to consider before ordering natural stone

As mentioned, no two slabs of natural stone are the same with each piece containing a vast array of tones and colours. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that any samples you receive are only a representation of the colours to expect on each slab in the final installation. It is also advisable to order 10% more than what you require for your space in case of breakages and to ensure you have enough to cover your landscape. Each order is unique as it is retrieved from differing areas of natural stone. Therefore, if you find yourself requiring extra slabs at a later date, they may not match up.

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