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Natural Stone Tiles

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Natural stone tiles have been used for interior design purposes for a very long time, and used to be the material of choice for castles, towers, and other ancient structures. These tiles remain popular today due to their ability to withstand wear and tear while retaining their aesthetics.

Natural stone can be found in many households across the world and offers a distinctive feel, as each tile is unique, and can be sustainable.

Types of natural stone tiles

There are a wealth of different types of natural stone tiles to choose from for both commercial and residential properties, all of which provide different aesthetics. The ability to choose from such a vast selection allows homeowners, contractors, architects and interior designers to create great aesthetics and style.

Natural stone options include:

Benefits of natural stone tiles

There are many benefits to natural stone tiles, a fact that has contributed to their popularity, including:

Absorption rating

This concept refers to the degree to which a material is porous, with the more absorbent being more susceptible to staining and cracking damage. This rating is divided into different categories that allow you to differentiate between them:

  • Non-vitreous – has the highest absorption levels and should not be installed in damp environments. Sandstone is, perhaps, the most porous of the natural stones.
  • Semi-vitreous – while not as porous as non-vitreous tiles, they will still require maintenance the more they’re exposed to liquids. An example is slate.
  • Vitreous – this category refers to natural stone tiles that can be used for many low to mid traffic applications, as they are not as porous, such as travertine and limestone.
  • Impervious – natural stone that is impervious to liquids will be easy to maintain and is typically chosen for high-traffic commercial uses, like granite, which is relatively waterproof.

Uses of natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles can be found in a variety of commercial and residential properties and applications, mainly in kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, and hallways. They can be installed on many different surfaces, such as walls, floors and splashbacks, making them ideal for many spaces.

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