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Incorporating a concrete garage into the landscape

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When designing the landscape for a garden, garages can often be forgotten. But it is crucial to remember just what a fundamental part of the home a garage really is: when properly designed and landscaped, they can look very attractive. There are numerous simple ways to help spruce up any type of garage – from the unkempt, neglected, dusty old work-sheds to the simple car ports that do not usually justify the high standards of a garden landscape.

Integrating greenery around the garage – such as clinging climbers like ivy, honeysuckle, vines and wisteria – can have a huge impact, creating an instant backdrop. Creating an instant visual impact can also relate to those who have unadorned driveways or ground nearby. Do not miss the opportunity to break the line of sight by creating flowerbeds to outline and embellish the garden design, focusing attention on the garden and not something in the distance.

Adding planting to enhance a garage is a great idea but it is a shame to lose the visual impact when the sun goes down, especially during the shorter days of winter. So, the key is to enhance the garage with creative lighting. Manipulating the effect lighting can have on a space to an end-user can make them have a certain perception of a space. For instance, stylish LED lights around the doorframe can provide a cool, modern effect if the landscaping so demands; or the use of antique-style lanterns either side of the door can create a more traditional look.

Doors are usually the focal point of a garage. Try highlighting them by painting the door to match either nearby flowerbeds or the overall theme of the garden. Enhancing the door creates an attractive visual entry point.

Additional features to add to the building exterior can also include a mirror on the side of the garage wall to create an illusion of space and make the area brighter by reflecting light. Don’t forget finishing touches with decorative accessories, tweaking little things such as door handles, window designs and adding outside ornaments to complete the desired look – this will help a garage become a fully-integrated part of a much-loved garden landscape.

Ultimately the concept of having a concrete garage in the garden does not have to be a daunting prospect – and existing garages should not be forgotten either. Creating a garden landscape can be a fun, creative, expression of a home.

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