Last edited 21 Nov 2019

How Secure is Your Home With a Broken Garage Door?

According to Dimension Garage Doors, 9% of burglaries begin through the garage, as shown by property crime statistics. Some of these burglaries are opportunistic, but many criminals scout properties out for points of weakness before attempting a break-in. If your garage door is showing any signs of vulnerability, your home becomes a prime target. Today’s article is going to focus on how a broken garage door can significantly reduce the security of your home.


A broken garage door will increase the chances of the following:

  • Your car or other valuable possessions getting stolen - Many homeowners keep their car or other possessions in their garage. Not only will a broken garage door enable criminals to enter more easily, but once they’re inside they’ll then be shielded from view. Your vehicle or belongings are likely to get stolen and there won’t be much evidence to find the culprit.
  • Your family being in danger — Many garages connect to the rest of the home. Entry into your garage could mean entry into your entire home, leaving yourself, your possessions and your family at risk. Even if your garage isn’t connected, a criminal might enter your garage without realising that one of your family members is already in there. This could lead to any number of dangerous consequences.
  • The entry of vermin and other pests — A broken garage door isn’t simply an entryway for criminals. If your garage door has gaps due to structural damage, it could also become an entryway for rats, mice or similar-sized pests. Not only are they a nuisance to get rid of, but these pests could gnaw on your possessions and structural components of your garage.
  • Flooding — Torrential weather conditions can wreak havoc on your garage if it’s not fully enclosed. Any gaps can lead to flooding, which in turn can damage any items or vehicles inside.

How to bolster security

As a homeowner, you have a duty to ensure that your family and possessions are secure from danger. Purchasing a new, modern garage door is the best way to prevent any intruders or pests from entering your property.

  • Burglars will be deterred — A burglar is much less likely to attempt a break-in through a modern garage door. Unlike older garage doors, which typically use a single lock, modern garage doors feature multiple locks and advanced security features to combat burglaries.
  • You’re investing in the future — Not only are modern garage doors more secure, but they’re also more durable. Purchasing a modern garage door will grant you the peace of mind that your garage will be secure long into the future, and any problem that caused damage or weakness on your previous garage door is unlikely to reoccur.

Dimension Garage Doors offer a range of modern garage doors to customers throughout the North West of England, including Manchester and Stockport. These doors offer some of the most advanced security features in the industry and can be customised with a range of styles and finishes to match your home. For the best garage and home protection in the North West of England, visit our range of garage doors now.

If you'd prefer to repair your garage door instead of acquiring a new one, then Dimension Garage Doors can service you professionally.