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This is the roof hatch on The Borough Hall, Meridian House, on the corner of Royal Hill and Greenwich High Road in Greenwich, England.

A hatch is an opening in a building (or other structure) that has been fitted with a cover that closes and opens. Generally, a hatch in a floor, wall or roof enables the passage of people or goods from one place to another. It may also be used to provide ventilation or to control moisture or temperature.

Some hatches may be installed for inspection or access purposes. Inspection hatches may make it easier to access, maintain and repair equipment without cutting holes in walls, ceilings or floors.

A roof hatch may be an opening installed in a flat roof. These hatches can be pre-fabricated, assembled and put in place prior to the installation of the roof. Waterproofing gaskets around the hatch can be used to protect against water penetration. Roof hatches may accommodate a ladder, so maintenance crews can access rooftop equipment. They may include smoke or fire safety devices to allow them to open if dangerous conditions occur.

In construction drawings, hatching styles are patterns used to represent different types of commonly used materials, objects and spaces.

See Standard hatching styles for drawings.

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