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Gusset plate

A gusset, or gusset plate, is a triangular piece of timber or metal that is used to transfer stresses between connected members and help strengthen the joint between them. They can be fastened to permanent members by rivets, bolts, welding (in the case of metal), or pressing (in the case of timber).

Timber gussets are often used to strengthen timber roof trusses. Steel gussets are often used to connect beams and girders to columns or connect truss members. Gussets can also be a relatively easy and effective method of retrofitting structures that may become unable to support applied loads.

Steel gussets can be galvanised if greater protection from rust is required. Gussets on smaller structures can also be made from copper or aluminium which can provide a more attractive finish; otherwise, steel gussets can be painted.

The size and strength of the gusset will be determined by the size and function of the structure.

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