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Consumer Code for New Homes (CCNH)

The Consumer Code for New Homes (CCNH) provides mandatory requirements for all registered developers. Approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, the code was established to ensure best practice and set higher standards for the marketing, selling and purchasing of new homes.

A home will be covered by CCNH if it has been built and sold by a registered member, and the provisions of the code apply to the new home for 2 years after the date of completion of the sale.

The code covers the following stages in the new home buying process:

If a developer breaches the code, a range of sanctions can be applied, including removal from the register of members.

The code does not affect the legal rights of the buyer, or legislation regarding the sale and marketing of new homes.

The code sets out various assurances to the buyers of new homes, which include:

The code does not apply to:

  • Second-hand properties.
  • New-build properties not sold by a registered developer.
  • Properties remaining under the developer’s ownership.
  • Properties acquired by social landlords for rent.
  • Properties acquired by partnerships, commercial landlords, corporate bodies, charities, and so on.
  • Properties built by self-builders.
  • Properties assigned or sub-sold by an investor to a third party

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