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Construction stage report

The construction stage report is prepared by the contract administrator at the end of the construction stage. It might include:

  • Minutes of the final construction progress meeting.
  • Relevant parts of progress reports from the contractor and where appropriate the consultant team.
  • Relevant parts of the cost consultant's report.
  • A summary of the progress made in each key area of the project.
  • Analysis of progress against the programme.
  • An explanation of the causes of any delays.
  • Progress photos.
  • Analysis of key performance indicators.
  • An assessment of any quality issues.
  • Reports on health and safety issues.
  • Reports of any issues with neighbours (such as noise, dust, vibrations, rights of light, access, safety etc).
  • Reports about off-site fabrication and off-site payments.
  • Earned value analysis.
  • An assessment of any design issues.
  • An assessment of any other issues that need to be addressed and proposals for addressing them.
  • Any instructions required from the client.
  • Details of handover procedures.
  • Where appropriate, details of phased completion, and partial or sectional handover.
  • Any terms or qualifications that will be applied to the certificate of practical completion.
  • A proposed schedule of defects.
  • Details of any ongoing works by others.
  • Insurance details.
  • Any remaining access issues.

The report should highlight any instructions required from the client.

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