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Commercial heating maintenance

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Getting commercial or industrial heating systems checked regularly is a necessity to save money in the long run.

When heating large commercial properties, it’s likely there will be a specialist heating method that goes beyond the typical central heating system of an average residence. For example, large natural gas heaters for factory heating. However, a standard heating engineer may not be up to the task and it may be necssary to find a commercial heating specialists that is experienced and knowledgeable in providing heating solutions at a large scale and who know how to service the equipment.

A heating service highlights any problems on the horizon and can fix small problems before they get worse or develop into something unfixable. Instead of shutting down completely, the heating system can be fixed quickly, saving time and money.

If a heating system was to breakdown, the first impact could be on business productivity. Staff could become dissatisfied with the cold temperature, particularly if this happens in winter. That is why it’s best to carry out servicing during the warmer months so there are no unexpected breakdowns when you need the heat most. While the law doesn’t state a minimum or maximum limit to the temperature a workplace must be, guidance suggests anywhere between 13ºC to 16ºC.

In the worst case, there’s the price of a new heating system, heating engineers and installation costs. An emergency call-out fee could also be high during evenings and weekends. In contrast, a regular service would cost you a fraction of the price.

A regular heating service isn’t just about preventing financial losses from breakdowns; it’s about making sure the heating system remains as efficient as possible so running costs and emissions are as low as possible. A regular service find problems causing the heating system to be inefficient and help get them recitfied as soon as possible.

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