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Balcony repairs for period homes

Period homes are extremely popular in the UK, the architecture of Victorian and Tudor times appearing in many towns and cities around the country. One feature that is common to many period homes is a balcony or verandah. For many decades homes in the 20th century were rarely built with a terrace, but they have now come back into fashion..

Wrought iron was a favoured material for balcony construction in many period properties; in fact wrought iron is still popular today and can provide a more substantial material for balconies than wood or concrete. Although wrought iron is tough and strong and can last for many decades, if not centuries when looked after, over the years neglect will start to show and spindles may start to rust and the flooring of balconies may also become unsafe.

However, balcony repairs for wrought iron terraces can be carried out relatively easily by wrought iron experts who know how to treat the metal and bring it back to life. There are different blasting techniques used in balcony restoration, shot blasting being the preferred method especially when the work will be carried out onsite. Mobile shot blasters can be brought into the property, meaning that vital repairs can be made without the balcony having to be dismantled.

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Shot blasting techniques in balcony repairs involve the blasting of minute particles at the surface to remove the buildup of dirt, rust, and crud. This technique should only be carried out under strict safety precautions, and full safety gear including googles and gloves will be used. Shot blasting will get rid of any buildup of rust and dirt on the spindles of balusters and the balcony floor, leaving the surface ready for treating and painting.

Even if a balcony is in very poor condition, it may not be necessary to totally replace it; wrought iron can be blasted and then coated to allow for repainting and finishing. In the event that spindles are rusted through, these can be replaced, exact replicas of the original spindles being made by wrought iron specialists.

Balcony repairs can be well worth the money, and a balcony on a period property will provide extra outdoor space as well as aesthetic appeal. A carefully looked after period property will tend to gain value rather than lose it over the years; so it is important to keep up to date with maintenance and call in wrought iron specialists for those essential repairs.

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