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Sand blasting machines

Robotic blasting technology has seen wide acceptance where standard automation solutions do not meet the needs of complexity, process requirements or quality control. In addition, manual sand blasting has potential health hazards.

Inhalation of silica may lead to health issues including silicosis and other lung diseases. Other abrasive materials including water, crushed glass, walnut shells, and so on, have gained prominence due to government regulations in many nations prohibiting the use of blast cleaning abrasives comprising more than 0.1% free silica. Shot blasting machines are gaining popularity as they use metallic shots and grits as abrasives.

Industries such as; aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, medical, and so on have adopted robotic blast systems for applications such as; material removal, coating removal, surface preparation, shot peening, mold cleaning, and stress relief. Growing demand from these sectors is anticipated to boost market growth, and applications such as 3D printing offering a carved or handmade look have also started adopting the new technology.

The sand blasting machines market size is forecast to hit USD 485 million, growing at 3.5% by 2022. The market has enjoyed a substantial surge due to increased use in industrial and domestic applications. Increased expenditure in this new technology by the key market participants is likely to drive market growth in the near future, and robotic sandblasting technology is expected to open new avenues for the market.

The mini sand blasting machines market share is projected to exceed USD 90 million, growing at a CAGR of more than 4% and will lead the application segment in coming years due to their inherently portable nature and use in household tasks.

The industrial sand blasting machines market is projected to be worth USD 390 million during this time frame. The trend for replacing manual labour is likely to drive further growth by 2022.

The demand in Asia Pacific market is anticipated to dominate due to the Chinese market together with increasing use in the infrastructure, construction, and automotive sectors. Europe is expected to reach USD 95 million by 2022, with gains estimated at 2.5% during the forecast period.

The extremely fragmented market features; Airblast B.V, Kramer Industries, Sintokogio Group, Clemco Industries Corp, Norton Sandblasting Equipment, Midwest Finishing Systems Inc., Torbo Engineering Keizers GmbH and SANdBOT (JetSystem Group).

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