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Security consultant for buildings

A security consultant can act as an adviser for a building owner, occupant or property developer in relation to the design and incorporation of the security solutions. Clients typically require security consultants to advise on potential security threats and potential breaches, and to create contingency protocols to safeguard their organisation or assets.

Security consultants will have specialist training and experience, and can either work independently, or as part of a multi-disciplinary team alongside, for example, IT consultants and other security experts. They should be independent from companies that manufacture and market security services/products.

The security risks faced by specific clients may vary considerably, however, some of the typical responsibilities of a security consultant include:

  • Protection strategies for IT, data and other communications networks.
  • Developing contingency plans.
  • Briefing on current or emerging security risks.
  • Liaising with security and emergency services.
  • Advising on global security situations.
  • Vulnerability testing, risk analyses and security assessments.
  • Developing security strategies.
  • Cost estimating for security strategy implementation.
  • Supervising or providing technical guidance for security teams.
  • Respond to security breaches.
  • Providing post-breach analysis.
  • Upgrade of security systems.

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