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Request for proposals from consultants RFP

The process of selecting consultants might involve the preparation by the client of a 'request for proposals' (RFP) which is sent out to each prospective consultant. Consultants respond by submitting 'consultant's proposals' to the client.

The request for proposals describes the nature of the project, the nature of the appointment and a description of the information required form the consultant.

The request for proposals might include:

It might request consultant's proposals including:

  • A list of key personnel to be allocated to the project, their role in the project, cv's of staff and a description of relevant experience on similar projects.
  • Hourly rates to be applied to any work outside the proposed scope of services.
  • Identification of any sub-consultants the candidate intends to use.
  • A broken-down payment and resource schedule with trigger dates against work stages.
  • Evidence of professional indemnity insurance.
  • If BIM is being used, a BIM execution plan.
  • A list of recently completed commissions with referees and detailed of other consultants involved.
  • A statement of design intent based on the brief.

If the request for proposals involves significant design work from the consultant, it is good practice for the client to offer payment for the work involved in preparing these designs. This will encourage the consultant to prepare their proposal more carefully, and will also demonstrate to them that the client is serious about the project and is likely to treat them fairly.

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