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Putty is a material used as a filler and sealant in the construction industry. It is traditionally made by mixing finely ground chalk (sometimes referred to as whiting) with linseed oil, kneaded to the consistency of dough. Putty is available in a range of colours and can be painted when dry.

Putty is highly plastic and is commonly used in traditional single glazing to seal panes of glass into timber frames. It can also be used as a general filler, and intumescent and plumbing versions are available.

Wall putty can be used to give a damp-resisting, smooth surface to walls prior to painting.

Pratley Putty is a strong epoxy adhesive putty originally developed as an insulator and adhesive for fixing brass terminals in cast iron junction boxes. It can be used for steel bonding.

Synthetic putty can be made using polybutene, and this and other fillers and sealants have largely replaced traditional putty.

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