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Post project review of construction projects

A post project review may begin during the defects liability period, when the client first occupies the development (now called the 'rectification period' in Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contracts).

A post project review is undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the project delivery process. To undertake a post project review, it is important to seek the views of contractors, designers, suppliers and the client about how well the project was managed.

This may include assessments of how well the delivery of the project performed against key performance indicators such as:

An evaluation can then be made of what lessons can be learned from the approach taken and a lessons learned report prepared.

A wider 'post occupancy evaluation' may comprise two studies:

  • A post project review to evaluate the project delivery process.
  • An assessment of performance in use, to assess the extent to which business and design objectives have been satisfied, which may not begin until 6 to 12 months after occupation, as operations may not be properly established before then.

See Post occupancy evaluation and Performance in use for more information.

NB When the development is first occupied by the client, it is important to visit the site immediately to identify any issues that need to be addressed quickly. It can be beneficial to establish a help-desk and rapid response team to resolve issues as they arise (See articles on occupation and migration strategy).

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