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Patterns: Ground Source Energy

Patterns was an occasional, in-house technical journal published by Buro Happold between 1987 and 2011. There were 16 editions of Patterns and 2 special issues.

Considered seminal at the time, Patterns had a significant influence on engineering for several decades. Patterns is reproduced on Designing Buildings Wiki with the kind permission of Buro Happold because of its historical interest and the impact it has had on the development of engineering theory.

Patterns: Ground Source Energy was published in 2008.

Patterns ground source energy cover.jpg

The contents are:

  • Ground energy options. By James Dickinson.
  • Closing the loop. By Alan Shepherd.
  • Massive Milanese scheme uses ground water cooling/heating. By Steve Williamson.
  • To bore or not to bore? By Mark Owen.
  • Paper merchant pushes for water/water heat pump. By Edith Blennerhassett.
  • Complementary technologies. By Jason Gardner.
  • Ground source heating and cooling study. By James Dickinson.
  • Double slinky in County Kerry. By Brian Doran.
  • Finding the way through labyrinths and earth tubes. By Mike Entwisle.
  • Dynamic modelling benefits of Jennie Lee labyrinths. By Daniel Knott.
  • A question of coupling. By David Warwick.
  • Double couple at Robert Burns Museum. By Scott Baird.

Patterns is reproduced with the kind permission of --Buro Happold.

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