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Design Framework for Building Services 5th Edition (BG 6/2018)

On 14 June 2018, BSRIA launched the latest edition of its popular Design Framework guide BG6, written by David Churcher Martin Ronceray and John Sands.

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BG6/2018 Design Framework for Building Services 5th Edition is an industry standard document for building services consultants and contractors, helping them and their clients define the extent of their design activities and deliverables. It contains design activity proformas, drawing and model definitions that are used to support contract documentation and encourage collaborative working between building services and other designers.

The design of a new building is a fundamental part of the procurement process – it takes the client’s requirements and converts them into a tangible representation which informs all later activities on the way to making a client’s 'wishes a reality'.

There is a myriad of activities required to produce the necessary level of detail and information, as well as the output documents. The role of BG 6 is to provide a platform where these activities can be identified and allow them to be allocated to individual organisations or roles within the project team.

Key changes from the 4th edition include:

  • A new layout with clear colour coding for easier navigation.
  • Better guidance for the reader/user.
  • Completely revised stage-by-stage tasks descriptions as pro-formas.
  • New and more illustrations of 3D models and drawings delivered at the different project stages.
  • More comprehensive listings of deliverables, available as an online resource.
  • A range of worked examples showing how the tools could be completed for different types of project or appointment, in an appendix and online.

David Bleicher, Publications Manager, BSRIA, said:

“In recent years – changes in technology have brought with them new issues concerning the level of information provided as outputs from design activities. They have also highlighted the need for clarity around existing topics such as the resolution of clashes throughout the design stages and defining coordination roles and responsibilities. These are addressed in the new edition!

"It represents a significant update from the former edition. The release of this new edition ensures that BG 6 continues to be the industry standard document for building services consultants, consulting engineers, contractors and designers. It helps them, and their clients, clarify and define the extent and timing of their design activity and design deliverables on any specific project.”

Its contents are:

  • Glossary.
  • Introduction.
  • About BG6.
  • How to use BG6.
  • Appendix A: Allocating design activity.
  • Appendix B: Allocating model, drawing and information production.
  • Appendix C: Examples of using BG6.
  • References.
  • Bibliography.

It is available in hard copy, pdf and multi-site licensed versions. The licensed version contains:

  • An unlocked PDF.
  • An editable Word version.
  • An Excel workbook of all the pro-formas.
  • An unlocked pdf of the 4th edition.
  • An Excel workbook of all the pro-formas from the fourth edition.
  • Free updates for one year from the purchase date.


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