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[edit] Aim and benefits

The BREEAM Sustainability Champion AKA BREEAM AP helps to achieve project's BREEAM targets and maximise opportunities for project performance

Many clients appreciate the support of their proactive BREEAM AP to explain the BREEAM criteria and requirements to them and provide templates for their reports

[edit] When to consider

The earlier in the design process the better - at Concept Design stage (RIBA stage 0-2)

[edit] Step by step guidance

[edit] RIBA stage 0-2

  • Client to appoint BREEAM AP
  • BREEAM AP should attend a key design team meeting and/or preferably run a separate BREEAM workshop session to set BREEAM targets and identify potential opportunities and challenging credits. A proactive BREEAM AP would list those credits which require actions at early stages and liaise with relevant consultants in charge to unsure documents are created prior to RIBA stage 2 freeze.
  • BREEAM assessor, if appointed at this time, or the BREEAM AP could run a BREEAM Pre-assessment based on the design documents at RIBA stage 2. This is useful to check the project against BREEAM performance and individual credit performance. The pre-assessment report is also helpful for planning or funding applications

[edit] RIBA stage 3-4

[edit] RIBA stage 5-6

  • If a different person provides BREEAM AP support to the contractors at construction stage, they should record and keep handover notes from the design stage BREEAM AP to include in the evidence documents
  • BREEAM AP to provide regular site attendance and project meetings to ensure construction and installations are in line with the targeted BREEAM standards
  • Site visit reports and project meeting minutes to be provided as evidence

[edit] Questions to ask while seeking compliance

The main issues for this credit compliance is to have proper and clear meeting minutes and communication documents to demonstrate involvement of the BREEAM AP. So the questions to be asked are;

If a BREEAM AP is officially appointed and if all the AP correspondence are documented?

[edit] Tools and resources

[edit] Tips and best practice

BREEAM AP role and BREEAM assessment can be taken by the same person but a letter must be provided to declare any conflict of interest

[edit] Typical evidence

  • Appointment documents
  • Meeting minutes
  • Trackers and reports to demonstrate progress against the target
  • Handover notes, if necessary

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