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Approved document 7

The building regulations establish standards to be achieved in the construction of buildings. Approved documents provide guidance for how the building regulations can be satisfied in common situations.

Approved Document 7: materials and workmanship, supports regulation 7 of the building regulations, requiring the carrying out building work using the proper materials and in a workmanlike manner.

The latest edition, updated to reflect changes in the Construction Products Regulations, was published on 3 January 2013 and came into force on 1 July 2013. It applies to building works in England.

Regulation 7 requires that building work is carried out:

  1. Are appropriate for the circumstances in which they are used,
  2. Are adequately mixed or prepared, and
  3. Are applied, used or fixed so as adequately to perform the functions for which they are designed; and

The approved document's contents include:

  1. Summary.
  2. Continuing control.
  3. Interaction with other legislation.
  1. Performance.
  2. Limitations.
  1. Ways of establishing the fitness of materials.
  2. Short-lived materials.
  3. Materials susceptible to changes in their properties.
  1. Ways of establishing the adequacy of workmanship.
  • Appendix 1: Key terms.
  • Appendix BP Standards referred to.
  • Appendix C: Documents referred to.

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