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What are regulations?


Regulations are rules or directives that prescribe certain types of conduct. They can be statutory, produced by regulatory bodies and specifying the ways in which legislation (in the form of Acts), should be interpreted and applied, or they can be created by independent organisations to regulate their own conduct or the conduct of their members.

There are a great number of regulations that apply to the construction industry.

The Building Regulations establish minimum standards to be achieved in the construction of buildings. They are supported by a series of approved documents that provide guidance about how the building regulations can be satisfied in common building situations, and these in turn are supported by a wide range of reference documents. For more information, see Building regulations.

Other important regulations relevant to the construction industry include:

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Regulations differ from policies in that they are compulsory, and if they are statutory regulations, they have an effect in law, whereas policies set out the way that organisations (including government) intend to achieve certain goals.

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