Last edited 01 Mar 2021

Watercourse screen

Culvert, screen and outfall manual, (CIRIA C786) published by CIRIA in 2019, defines a screen as: ‘An arrangement of bars, grids or poles placed in a watercourse.’

A course screen is: ‘A course screen designed to collect large debris, usually upstream of a culvert.’

A debris screen or trash screen is a: ‘Screen at the inlet of a culvert designed to prevent debris from entering the culvert and causing a blockage.’

A fish screen is: ‘A screen designed to prevent fish being washed into culverts (usually on outlets to ponds and reservoirs).’

A safety screen or security screen is: ‘A screen comprising closely-spaced bars, designed to prevent unauthorised or accidental access to a conduit or other hydraulic structure, which reduces the risk of someone coming to harm.’

A tree screen is a: ‘ Screen upstream of a culvert designed to prevent tree trunks and branches from blocking a culvert or debris screen.’

A weed screen is: ‘A screen comprising closely-spaced bars designed to prevent floating vegetation and small debris entering water intakes and pumping stations.’

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