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Using modular skylights to improve large scale office and warehouse working conditions using natural light - case study



[edit] The challenge – Delivering maximum natural light across large spans

ROMO Fabrics, a third generation fabric design company, wanted to create a vibrant new headquarters incorporating both office and warehousing space. A space that would be fit for the whole Romo organisation to enjoy working in.

A central theme of Maber’s design for ROMO’s new HQ was the expansive use of natural light to accentuate the entrances of the atrium and provide soft, reflective lighting along with a natural feel to the workspaces.

To deliver this key part of the design vision, the skylight solution would need to deliver the most light that it could in the space within a structural framework with some very large spans. The primary span approaching 6 metres.

[edit] The solution – VELUX Modular Skylight system

The VELUX Modular Skylight system was chosen to deliver Maber’s design vision and 348 modules were specified and installed across the building.

The VELUX Ridgelight solution was specified to accentuate the entrances of the atrium and offer a glimpse of the internal space.

The Ridgelight at 5° is a self-supporting structure comprised of two rows of skylights with beams supporting the module sides.


The modular Ridgelight at 5° with beams is the ideal solution for large roof openings, bringing daylight into galleries, circulation areas and small internal courts. The Ridgelights add to the look and feel of the room and create an illusion of a small glass roof.

The VELUX Northlight solution was specified within the office and design studios to provide the soft, reflective lighting and natural feel to the workspace.

Northlights are rows of modules installed up to 90° in order to provide large amounts of glare-free daylight, ideal for spaces that require soft light for optimum indoor conditions, e.g. at schools, offices, museums and galleries.

The Northlight solution does not require a sub-construction for installation and can be integrated into a sloped roof.


[edit] Benefits

Leo Ward, Associate Director at Maber detailed the benefits they considered when specifying the VELUX Modular Skylight system to deliver their vision for ROMO’s new HQ.

[edit] Cover large spans

VELUX Modular Skylights are one of the few systems available that can accommodate the large spans specified in Maber’s design.

[edit] Lightweight

The large span, self-supporting structures are relatively light.

[edit] Integration with other elements

Blinds and opening systems can be integrated with the skylight modules to control light and airflow.

[edit] Prefabrication

The skylight modules are factory produced offsite, including blinds and opening system. Then delivered to site ready to install - guaranteeing build quality and reducing installation time.

[edit] 3D modelling

BIM models are available, helping architects to give their clients an appreciation of what they are going to get.

[edit] The result – A desirable place to work in


By drawing on natural light and tailoring the skylight system to suit the operations of the site, including venting modules and factory-fitted blinds, the VELUX Modular Skylights helped Maber deliver their vision of providing an inviting atmosphere for ROMOs’ office workers and warehouse operatives alike.

To read more about the impressive use of modular skylights bringing light to life within the commercial workspaces at ROMO, visit the dedicated case study page here.

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