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[edit] Introduction – How we live

Today, when building professionals consider the occupancy needs of a home, there has to be considerably more flexibility.

Existing housing norms are being broken with changes in society and the economy. Firstly, with the UK's ageing population, single occupancy is on the increase and all of the specific living needs that come with it. Also, with young people finding it a challenge getting on the property ladder, larger inter-generational groupings are tending to occupy the family home for longer, and likewise grandparents with specific needs may come back to live with their children.

Home building plans need to consider more the housing needs of the 21st century. This includes more single person households and a home which is designed to support alternative family patterns.

Likewise, many homeowners of retirement age, who have no wish to move house again, are planning for the future and searching for solutions that will enable them to stay in their properties for longer.

[edit] The Stiltz Home Lift

The Stiltz Home Lift offers building industry professionals a way to cater for inter-generational occupants of the ‘modern home’ which, in its lifetime, will occupy all age demographics with many varied requirements.

With no hydraulics or load-bearing walls required, Stiltz domestic lifts can be installed almost anywhere in a home (even in the void of a turning staircase). The Stiltz Home Lift plugs straight into the wall using a normal 13amp power socket and travels on self-supporting dual rails with a typical installation taking just one day.

Stiltz home lifts are also space-saving with one of the smallest footprints on the domestic lift marketplace. The lift can carry two passengers up one floor in less than 30 seconds, making the home fully accessible to older members of the family when the stairs become too much.

It also helps homeownersfuture proof’ and stay in the home they love, while adding value to the property.

[edit] Design and functionality

Stiltz offer a range of home lifts to suit all requirements using cutting-edge design and technology.

The Stiltz Duo Home Lift and Stiltz Trio Home Lift are both available in Classic, Vista and Thru-Car models.

The Classic is the original Stiltz Home Lift and is an ideal alternative to a stairlift. The Vista has a clear-body made from structural polycarbonate to give it a contemporary look. The Thru-Car allows users to enter and exit from both sides of the lift and is particularly useful for wheelchair users.

Standard features include a neutral external and internal colour, a half-height door made to match the finish of the lift, two remote controls to call the lift from any floor, internal LED downlights which are pre-programmed to switch on once the lift is occupied, a battery back-up system so that, in the event of a power cut, the lift will descend to the lower level of the home and wait until the power comes back on, and a full height light curtain when fitted with half height door.

[edit] Ongoing appraisal of home building needs

Building homes which support the ever-shifting landscape of housing needs will continue to be a challenge but by considering a home lift as part of any building project plans, the modern living space becomes multi-functional, inter-generational and, most importantly of all, facilitates customer choice.


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