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Specialist contractor

Development proposals may include specialist components that are best designed in detail by their manufacturers or installers. Such items could include; lifts, escalators, cladding systems, switchgear, refrigeration units, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, cleaning cradles and so on.

In such cases it is often desirable to secure this specialist design before the supply contract has been tendered in order that they can be properly integrated into the overall design and so that delays do not occur and variations are not necessary.

Design input by specialist contractors can be secured before the contract for the supply of those components has been executed by:

A design co-ordinator might be appointed within the consultant team to ensure proper integration and co-ordination of specialist contractors designs into the overall design.

On publicly-funded projects, OJEU procurement rules may apply to the appointment of a specialist contractors if the potential cost of the contract exceeds the relevant threshold.

For information about commencing work with a specialist contractor see: Specialist contractors' start-up meeting.

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