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Patterns 11

Patterns was an occasional, in-house technical journal published by Buro Happold between 1987 and 2011. There were 16 editions of Patterns and 2 special issues.

Considered seminal at the time, Patterns had a significant influence on engineering for several decades. Patterns is reproduced here with the kind permission of Buro Happold because of its historical interest and the impact it has had on the development of engineering theory.

Patterns 11 was published in August 1993.

Patterns 11 cover.jpg

The contents of Patterns 11 are:

  • A journey in Saudi Arabia. By Edmund Happold.
  • The Kasr Al Hokm District Redevelopment, Riyadh. By Padraic Kelly, Terry Ealey and Rodger Webster.
  • The Grand Mosque, Riyadh - Jamea Al Imam Turki bin Abdulla. By Terry Ealey and Padraic Kelly.
  • Half Moon Bay - A resort complex in eastern Saudi Arabia. By Padraic Kelly and Graham Pontin.
  • Quba Mosque, Medina. By Michael Dickson and Richard Harris.
  • Strengthening of a 26-storey apartment tower -The Sultan Tower, Cairo. By Terry Ealey.
  • Damage assessment in Kuwait. By Terry Ealey, John Fraud and Richard Harns.
  • Pearls of Kuwait - Environmental assessment as part of the design process. By Judith Teasdale.

Patterns is reproduced with the kind permission of --Buro Happold.

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