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Low pit lifts


[edit] Introduction

Lifts are required in a great variety of settings and buildings. This has led to the need for installations that can be accommodated in environments that may have previously been unable to house a lift. A low pit lift offers a solution to the problem of previously unsuitable locations, allowing for the installation of lifts in more settings.


[edit] Low pit lift uses

The standard design of lifts requires a pit which allows space for the mechanical element of the installation. In the past, if a setting was unable to provide suitable space for a pit, the installation of the lift would not have been possible.

This inability to provide a pit may be likely in:

  • Updates to listed buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Homes
  • Public buildings
  • Educational buildings

A low pit lift or a pitless lift can allow for improved disabled access in buildings which may have been impossible to navigate previously.

[edit] Limitations

While low pit lifts have a huge range of applications, it is worth noting that they are limited in the speed they can travel, which is restricted to 0.15m/s according to a notified body certification.

[edit] Benefits

Low pit lifts have many benefits which have made them popular for a number of applications:

  • Listed buildings often have plenty of rules and regulations to meet before they are able to make changes or updates to the building itself. This means that the excavation required for the installation of a regular lift may cause too much disruption to the original structure. However, a low pit lift can be installed with a pit as shallow as 120mm.
  • The installation of a lift can often be disruptive, particularly during the pit excavation. This is significantly reduced when installing a pitless or low pit lift. For this reason, the low pit lift is often a popular choice for shopping centres and educational buildings, as disruption to business or learning is minimised.
  • Lifts are often installed in homes, particularly when access is needed for an individual with mobility issues. Home installations are often restricted in terms of space, so a low pit lift can fit into a smaller space which may not be able to accommodate a standard lift.

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