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How to Maintain Industrial Machinery



[edit] Introduction

For optimum performance and safety in warehouses, industrial machinery needs to be maintained regularly. When carrying out maintenance, remember these five tips to ensure your checks are as efficient as possible:

[edit] Record machinery use

A detailed log of how and when your machinery is used can help to keep it in good working order. This record helps to track how much the machinery is being used, or in some cases when it has been misused by an operator and perhaps even damaged. Extensive training can stop this misuse from happening -poor operator use can lead to accidents and faster deterioration of the machinery.

Keep all of your records updated and in order. Messy records can turn out to be useless, whilst good records can help identify issues early, ensuring the maintenance machinery needs is carried out at the right times.

[edit] Check parts and accessories

This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. Attention-to-detail is needed in order for this to be effective. Planned maintenance should determine when a part needs replacing, or if it is showing signs of over wearing. Keep track of the age of parts during maintenance. This can have a big impact on both replacement timelines and the overall health of machinery.

[edit] Battery life

One of the worst things to happen unexpectedly is a battery dying. It is easy to get caught up in the outer aesthetic of machinery, but internal items such as batteries are also important. When overlooked a build up of dirt and corrosion can have a negative impact on these components.

Good maintenance of machine's batteries is important - as it impacts on the machine's reliability and cost to run. A traction battery is designed to be used over several years, so this is often the best solution for machinery and its power needs.

Double check when replacing a battery. The wrong battery can have negative effects in the long term, so always check with the manufacturer.

[edit] Cleaning

Cleaning has a big impact on the maintenance of machinery. Productivity, quality of machinery and of work can all increase as the result of a regularly cleaned machine. It also prolongs the overall life of a machine.

Seals and filler can help to prevent contamination, whilst lubrication can stop water from contaminating a machine with rust over long periods of time.

Overall, a well-maintained machine can be a much better asset to a business than one that is left to rot. Keep maintenance routines regular and thorough to avoid costly problems.

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