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Ceiling repair

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[edit] Introduction

Ceiling cracks can be caused by issues such as:

[edit] Dealing with cracks

Depending on the size and severity of ceiling cracks, three questions may arise:

  1. Is this cause for concern?
  2. How much will it cost?
  3. Is professional repair required?

It's a good idea to monitor ceiling cracks to know how and when to repair them. If a ceiling crack is accompanied by a wall crack, or it is rather large, this may justify professional repair assistance or to seek advice about possible structural problems.

If the ceiling crack has impacted cornice work, or a ceiling rose, this will have an impact on the project as well, since it will be necessary for the repair to stay consistent with other rooms.

[edit] The repair process

The composition of the ceiling should be checked before a repair project is attempted. Once the composition of the ceiling is established, there are several steps in the repair process.

The following tools are recommended for a project of this type:

[edit] The repair method

To clean and tape the ceiling crack:

Labour rates vary, depending on what is included in the scope of work. Will it include painting the repair and removing any rubbish? The price of the repair project may also depend on the level of complexity.

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