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Barriers to innovation and Construction 2025

In August 2015, Kaleida published a white paper that identified barriers in the road towards Construction 2025 and Digital Built Britain.

In June, key leaders in construction met at Kaleida’s office to discuss and share insight on some of the central topics impacting the current market. As a result of the discussion, a whitepaper was produced highlighting some of the challenges and opportunities, along with proposed solutions that would require a change at both the top and the bottom.

Using personal insight and supporting sources, the following factors were identified:

  • The objectives of Construction 2025 and Digital Built Britain will not be achieved unless there is a change in mindset towards collaboration and innovation.
  • Innovation needs to be led and managed from the top down.
  • In house skills need to be built from the bottom and developed through apprenticeship schemes.
  • In order to innovate, we need collaboration, so lessons can be learnt across the industry from one project to the next.
  • To facilitate collaboration, we need systems that can talk to each other.

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