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BREEAM Energy Efficient Equipment


[edit] Aim and benefits

To recognise and encourage procurement of energy efficient equipment to ensure optimum performance and energy savings in operation.

[edit] When to consider

Design stage

[edit] Step by step guidance

1) Gather the specification sheets for the unregulated energy efficient equipment

2) Create spreadsheet

Item Number Description Energy Star or on the Energy Product List (Y/N)

Load (watts)


[edit] Questions to ask while seeking compliance

Find out the function of the unregulated energy equipment as this effects the criteria.

[edit] Tools and resources

Spreadsheets to show calculations of unregulated energy usage of energy efficient equipment. Specification sheets of energy efficient equipment from which the estimated energy usage can be calculated.

[edit] Tips and best practice

Make sure estimates are as accurate as possible.

[edit] Typical evidence

Specification sheets of unregulated energy efficient equipment showing Energy Star Rating or Government Buying Standards procurement

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