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Rules of Thumb - Guidelines for building services

Rules of Thumb - Guidelines for building services (5th Edition) (BG 9/2011) was written by Glen Hawkins and published by BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) in April 2011.

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The book is a valuable source of engineering design, environmental performance and project cost data for building services projects.

The rules of thumb provided are general principles derived from practice and experience. They have been created by referencing a range of contemporary sources and reflect current design practice. They can be useful in the early stages of design, such as briefing, feasibility studies and early concept design, helping assess:

  • Space and weight requirements.
  • Outline costs.
  • Environmental performance targets.
  • Heating, cooling and electrical loads.

They can also be used in later stages to ‘sense check’ detailed calculations and assess ‘what if’ scenarios.

The latest edition has been updated and expanded to provide more detailed information, including:

  • More guidance about space and weight allowances.
  • CO2 emissions benchmarks.
  • Clearer guidance about costs, expanded to include energy consumption, maintenance, operation and life cycle cost information.
  • A system features section, subdivided into mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Guidance about compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations, renewable technologies and air permeability requirements.

The book is subdivided into 7 colour-coded sections:


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