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Without quantities


[edit] Introduction

The term ‘without quantities’ refers to a construction contract or tender documents that do not include specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications. It can be used on projects where it is not possible to prepare a bill of quantities (BOQ) at the time of tendering. This might be because the design is progressed enough for tendering purposes but not firm enough to provide accurate quantities.

Smaller projects, or alteration work may also be tendered without quantities, for example where a schedule of works is prepared allowing the pricing of items, such as builders' work and fixing schedules. For more information see: Schedule of works.

An intermediate position between the two approaches is ‘approximate quantities’. For more information see: Approximate quantities.

[edit] Contract features

Tendering on the basis of “without quantities” can allow selection of the contractor and so expedite the project program. Generally, the design will be relatively complete, but may be insufficient time or information to determine the quantities. Drawings, specifications and schedules will generally form the key contract documents if projects are procured in this way.

Procuringwithout quantities’ will result in a lump sum contract. There will be no re-measurement required and it can simplify the valuation process. This might initially give cost certainty for the client but there can be disadvantages later if variations are required, and there is disagreement about the rates to be charged for changes. A pricing document might be prepared during the tender stage, but it might not be detailed enough to capture all rates that could apply to changes. The drawings, specification and schedules should therefore capture as much detail as possible to minimise variations.

[edit] JCT contracts

The JCT Standard Building Contract is an example of a contract that can be used without quantitates. JCT give the following guidance for contractswithout quantities’:

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