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Supplier BIM Resource Assessment form

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a very broad term that describes the process of creating and managing digital information about a built asset such as a building, bridge, highway, tunnel, and so on.

Supplier BIM Resource Assessment forms may be required as part of the procurement processes on projects where BIM has been adopted. They are completed by each individual supplier in the project supply chain, demonstrating their BIM competence, experience and their willingness and capability to exchange data. In addition to submitting the form, a supplier can provide additionnal evidence to further demonstrate their understanding and competence in BIM.

PAS 1192-2 suggests that a Supply Chain Capability Summary (SCCS) forms part of the project implementation plan and should be submitted by prospective suppliers as part of their pre-contract BIM Execution Plan. The SCCS form is prepared based on Supplier Resource Assessment Forms completed by each relevant organisation in the sub-contract procurement process, detailing their resource capability and capacity. The Supplier BIM Resource Assessment form helps to inform the Supplier Resource Assessment Forms.

The form is made up of four sections:

  • Gateway questions: These are questions about the supplier’s willingness to exchange data and the quality of that data.
  • 12 areas of BIM: These are areas in which the project will benefit from BIM and enables the supplier to demonstrate both an understanding of each as well as identify which they could support the project with.
  • Project experience: Details of previous projects that have benefited from the adoption of BIM.
  • Capability questionnaire: Intended to help the BIM enabling team identify the necessary training and support that will be required.

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