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Schedule of drawings

A schedule of drawings is an itemised list of drawings required for a building project. It can be included as part of an invitation to tender, or may be prepared as part of a design management plan. A schedule of drawings may include all the drawings required for a project, or on larger, more complex projects, it may be specifically prepared for a certain discipline, specialist or for a particular aspect of the works (such as a planning application).

It may include:

  • Project name.
  • Drawing types and purposes.
  • Drawing numbers and revisions.
  • Drawing titles.
  • Drawing originators.
  • Drawing formats.
  • Drawing locations.
  • Scales.
  • Original sizes.
  • Dates prepared, issued or required.
  • Additional notes.

The information set out on drawing schedules may be replicated in a title box on the actual drawings themselves.

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