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Patterns 13

Patterns was an occasional, in-house technical journal published by Buro Happold between 1987 and 2011. There were 16 editions of Patterns and 2 special issues.

Considered seminal at the time, Patterns had a significant influence on engineering for several decades. Patterns is reproduced on Designing Buildings Wiki with the kind permission of Buro Happold because of its historical interest and the impact it has had on the development of engineering theory.

Published in 2001, Edition 13 focused on sustainability.

Patterns 13 cover.jpg


  • Touching the Earth Lightly: An introduction to the sustainability debate. By Michael Dickson.
  • Global Warning: Issues of planetary health. By Sir Crispin Tickell.
  • City Limits: The holistic approach to urban planning. By Jeremy Caulton.
  • It's not easy being Green: Greening a blue-chip HQ. By Tony Mclaughlin.
  • A Timber Renaissance. By James Rowe
  • A Material Difference. By Dr Andrew Cripps
  • Energy Alternatives. By Doug King.
  • Photovoltaic Solutions. By Andre Chaszar.
  • Greywater Success. By Chew Pieng Ryan.
  • The air that we breathe. By lain Gillespie.
  • Resilient Envelopes. By Tony Mclaughlin.
  • Supermodels. By Garry Palmer.
  • Sustainable Measurement. By Dr Bill Addis.
  • Accepting the challenge for the Future: The Young Engineer's View. By Ruth Haynes

Patterns is reproduced with the kind permission of --Buro Happold.

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