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Newel post

Stairs are used to create a pedestrian route between different vertical levels by dividing the height between the levels into manageable steps.

Stairs, in particular in domestic premises, may include guarding to one, or both sides, in the form of a banister, that is, an assembly of uprights and a handrail.

The main upright supporting the handrail, is known as the ‘newel post’. These are typically found at the bottom of stairs, but can also be found at the top, and in intermediate positions, such as landings.

Newel posts can be simple, or can be very ornate. Ornate newel posts may sit on a newel base, and be capped by a spherical finial. They can be solid or hollow constructions.

Newel post.jpg Simple newel post.JPG
Ornate newel post with finial. Simple newel post.

The term ‘newel’ may also be used to refer to the column at the centre of a spiral staircase.

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