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NBS Create

NBS Create is a software tool designed to help with the writing of specifications. Developed by NBS, it assembles specifications using data collated from pre-written clauses for more than 1,000 systems and 20,000 products.

NBS Create is based on the Uniclass 2015 classification system, differentiating it from other specification writing tools produced by NBS (although much of the content is similar). By using the Uniclass classification, the specification is capable of being used more effectively with building information modelling (BIM).

The software is designed to enable close coordination between a project’s BIM model and the specification through plug-ins and integration with the NBS National BIM Library.

It is important to understand the structure of the content when trying to navigate an NBS Create specification. Clauses are arranged as a series of systems and products. These are grouped into categorised sections:

For more details, see the NBS.

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