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Metropolitan open land (MOL)

Metropolitan open land (MOL) is a form of land designation within London. Land designated as MOL is intended to be protected as an area of landscape, recreation, nature conservation or scientific interest. MOL designation provides land with the same level of protection as the Green Belt.

For land to be designated as MOL, it should conform with at least one of the following stipulations:

  • It contributes to the physical structure of London by being clearly distinguishable from the built-up area.
  • It includes open-air facilities which serve the whole or significant parts of London for the purposes of leisure, recreation, sport, arts and cultural activities or tourism.
  • It contains features or landscape of historic, recreational, nature conservation or habitat interest.
  • It forms part of a 'Green Chain' and meets one of the above criteria.

For any alterations to be made to an MOL boundary, the boroughs should go through the local development framework (LDF) process, in consultation with both the Mayor of London and the adjoining authorities.

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