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Excel and construction



[edit] Introduction

At a time when data has the power to make or break organisations, having the right tools for managing projects, sites or the organisation as a whole – is paramount.

Audits have shown that nearly 90% of spreadsheets with more than 150 rows include errors; with a 1 in 50 chance of each individual cell containing an error. Large spreadsheets used for construction management, consisting of hundreds and thousands of cells may contain a high level of inaccuracies.

There are alternatives however, in the form of off-the-shelf software systems that can help with this, giving improved performance throughout a project.

[edit] How software tools compare

[edit] Precision

Many organisations can cite a time when spreadsheet mistakes led to poor decision-making. Software tools with specific data-entry and manipulation functions minimise user error considerably.

[edit] Integration

Excel doesn't integrate well with new management software systems. Specific construction industry software directly integrates with many popular software systems, eliminating the need to manually enter data.

[edit] Remote working

Most construction software available today is run using cloud-based software, meaning data is not tied to one computer and can be accessed, amended and updated from anywhere. This makes data entry more streamlined and allows all users to access live data.

[edit] Support

Unlike Excel, specific construction software tools are often created and managed by teams of qualified construction professionals, enabling quick troubleshooting and effective timely support.

[edit] Security

When collaborating between departments and/or other organisations, constant emailing of spreadsheets leaves open the possibility of hacking. Cloud-based software tools with multiple users reduce the risk of potentially sensitive information being hacked.

With so many evident benefits to using specifically-designed construction software tools it is certain they will play an increasingly important role in improving the efficiency and performance.

This article was originally published as 'Construction and Excel - an average formula' by BRE Buzz on 7 Dec 2016. It was written by Harriet Cooper.

--BRE Buzz

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