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BREEAM Public Transport Accessibility


[edit] Aim and benefits

To recognise projects where the proximity of good public transport networks has been reviewed, and encourage the implementation of alternative transport solutions where proximity to public transport networks is poor; thus helping to reduce transport - related pollution and congestion.

[edit] [edit] When to consider

Design stage

[edit] [edit] Step by step guidance

If the assessed building is in London then Transport for London's Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) can be used otherwise the average number of services has to be calculated and entered into the Tra 01 calculator tool. For the purpose of the calculation, the frequency of public transport is the average number of stopping services at the node during the peak arrival/departure times for the building or the building's typical day's operating hours, divided by the number of hours within that period.

[edit] [edit] Questions to ask while seeking compliance

Gather all public transport timetables for the location

[edit] [edit] Tools and resources

Tra 01 calculator tool


Bus and rail timetables

[edit] [edit] Tips and best practice

Find all the local travel nodes with timetables to show that building has a high level of accessibility

[edit] [edit] Typical evidence

PTAL rating

Tra 01 Calculator tool

Bus and train timetables

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