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4 steps to a budget focused renewable energy plan

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Renewable-energy.jpgSmaller business are doing what they can to follow in the footsteps of Apple, who recently introduced plans for a “solar powered” command centre in Arizona, USA.

Below are 4 steps that can be taken to promote a new renewable energy plan with a smaller budget.

1. Build support from the rest of the company.

It is important to persuade others in the company that a renewable energy plan is the way forward. The most valued support will come from CEO’s and other key members of the business, while colleagues and shareholders will also need to be informed and persuaded. This will ensure the transition to renewable energy runs as smoothly as possible.

2. Understand goals and expectations.

It is important to know what to expect so that realistic goals can be set before any plan is put into action. Renewable energy experts and installers can provide information related to potential goals and expectations. This could be anything from cutting costs during peak hours to ensuring there is consistent power during a power cut and gaining independence from the grid.

3. Identify an appropriate system.

Of all the renewable energy formats, solar power has proved to be the most popular choice for many businesses introducing a pro-renewable energy scheme. However, there are also other technologies on offer. The choice will depend on a number of issues, including location, energy requirements and so on. A renewable energy system installer can help provide information about what systems best suit different requirements.

4. Know where the most energy is consumed.

One of the many ways an installer can determine which system would be best suited to a business is knowing how much energy it uses throughout the course of the year. It is also worth considering what consumes the most energy, whether that’s lighting, computers, appliances etc. The appropriate system can be identified by understanding these factors.

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