About PCSG

Adrian Burgess

United Kingdom

PCSG (Professional Construction Strategies Group) was formed in 2014, when PCS, ECS and Earth to Ocean came together to create a group that delivers international services to ensure the sustainability of clients’ businesses in all respects – financial, social and environmental. They work with clients towards a vision of ‘Infinitely Smarter Futures’.

Services include:

  • Information management and BIM
  • Building systems design and delivery
  • Bid management
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Management system documentation
  • Social sustainability
  • Mobilisation services
  • Organisational sustainability

PCSG is at the leading edge of developing digital data strategies in the construction sector including BIM, business systems and IP solutions. PCSG Chairman Mark Bew chairs the government’s Construction BIM Task Group, charged with delivering Level 2 BIM. He is also Chairman of Building Smart (UK) Ltd, tasked with the definition and delivery of data and process interoperability standards for the built environment.

Please contact Adrian Burgess ( [email protected]) if you have any feedback or comments on the Level 2 BIM guidance in the Designing Buildings Wiki.

Articles on Designing Buildings Wiki by PCSG include: