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Unusual and creative door knockers


[edit] Introduction

When you own a home, you can customise it as much as you desire, within reason. This can include choosing the paint for the walls, the furniture, appliances, accessories, wallpapers, carpets, picture frames and even lightbulbs. It can be plain or extravagant, traditional or contemporary.

However when it comes to the exterior you don’t have quite as much leeway. There are still ways of allowing your interior design to peek through into the exterior of your house, you just have to be a little more subtle about it. While painting your front door all manner of colours might be a little too drastic, there are still ways you can incorporate your own style into the exterior of your house, such as your lawn ornaments, house name or number sign, or even an imaginative door knocker on your door.

Here are 5 creative examples:

[edit] Little Cherub


You might be a practicing Christian, a fan of angelic little cherubs, or you might want something a little different for your door knocker. Choosing a cherub door knocker with his or her arms as the knocker makes a bold statement, and one that you are not afraid to share with the world. Cherub doorknockers can be wrought iron, or even plated with galvanised steel to give them a real ‘heavenly’ accent. But beware, they can sometimes appear a little creepy.

[edit] The Jabberwocky


“We’re all mad here” Step into the world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland with this golden Jabberwocky door knocker. Fans of the book series will no doubt recognise this mythical creature that Alice must defeat for the good of all wonderland. Whether you’re a fan of the film adaptations, or you love the books, this makes a cute and individual door knocker for your home.

[edit] Entwined Snakes


The symbol for infinity is often a snake eating its own tail, but what about two snakes entwined? This simple, yet unique door knocker is perfect for big reptile fans who want to make a statement. The snakes coil together around a single door knocker ring, ending at the tip of the knocker as if they are almost kissing.

[edit] Lizard curled around knocker


A beautiful copper lizard curled across the door clasps the knocker in its mouth. Although it will tarnish with time, it almost looks lifelike in the way that its arms are splayed out, and its tail curls around its back.

[edit] Disembodied hand


Why not creep out your friends and relatives with an eerie disembodied hand as a door knocker? You can choose a traditional wrought iron hand, or try for a creepier zombie themed hand, depending on your personal preference.

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