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Property sign design tips

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The current marketplace offers a large variety of homes and other properties for sale that a prospective buyer can choose from. It is important therefore to properties stand out from the rest. Curb appeal, home repairs and renovations may be necessary to accomplish a sale; however, with so many homes available, unique marketing techniques may also be necessary to catch the attention of passers-by.

A high-quality real estate sign can assist in this, with the potential to generate up to 40% more property inquiries. This article presents seven tips for the creation of a one-of-a-kind sign that will increase the likelihood of making a sale; a sign that will attract attention and stand out from the rest.

1) Use borders to attract attention.

Using borders on property signs will focus the reader's attention towards important information.

2) Choose attractive colour combinations.

Choose at least two colours other than white. The colour scheme will make an impact on potential buyers. Choose colours that are strong and will turn heads, yet be eye-appealing. Be cautious not to use the colour red alone. Stop-sign red can be interpreted as a negative colour. Coordinate colours on your property signs to match other marketing materials. This has the potential to grab attention, improving effectiveness.

3) Use graphics that make a statement.

A bold, recognisable logo or a professional photo will make a property sign more memorable.

4) Stand out, be unique.

Custom designed property signs will add professionalism to a property and emphasise points of interest.

5) Add promotion to the sign frame.

Metal sign frames can give a property a high quality appearance that will reflect positively on a business or property owner. Attach a brochure box to the sign frame to provide additional information such as square footage, listing price and a list of amenities.

6) Establish a presence on the internet.

There are many resources that provide the means to easily create a web page. Include this web address on custom signs allowing potential buyers to access detailed information.

7) Verify rules and regulations before installing your property sign.

Make sure you are aware of the regulations related to property signage and abide by them accordingly.

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