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Nimbyism (Town planning)

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Nimbyism is a term used by many to refer to a propensity for people to have a 'Nim-by' or 'Not In My Back Yard' attitude, where the yard is an area of land that has been identified for building or development. Used as both a derogatory term and as a positive for those who oppose development in their village or town or city.

It is an attitude often associated with small towns or rural areas, which often fails to identify where development should take place, if not here. It runs contrary to the need for development to tackle the housing shortage and provide new infrastructure.

Local powers such as neighbourhood planning and village green registration can be used by Nimby's to frustrate development.

The term 'Nim-by' is the opposite to 'Yim-by', meaning 'Yes-build In My Back Yard' for those who support the new build or development

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