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Most Googled Plumbing and Electrical Problems

With the ‘new norm’ allowing more people to work from their homes, experts at alldayPA have seen a rise in calls hitting their customer services desk relating to home emergencies, from burst pipes to power cuts. Since the start of the pandemic the Manchester-based customer service provider has received an average of 1,800 calls a day relating to in-home incidents, so it’s obvious that Britons are in need of someone to help us repair all those little things we can’t fix ourselves.

To help understand our home incidents better, alldayPA’s data analysts have sourced information that reveals the top 10 most Googled plumbing and electrical issues made by Britons from their smartphone, tablet and laptop devices. Some of the most popular searches were centered around leaking taps, dishwashers, radiators and even changing light bulbs.

The Most Googled Electrical and Plumbing related problems:

  1. “How to change a tap washer?” (34,800 searchers per year)
  2. “How to plumb in a dishwasher?” (12,000 searches per year)
  3. “How to stop a leaking tap?” (10,560 searches per year)
  4. “How to install led strip lights?” (10,560 searches per year)
  5. “How to stop a leaking radiator?” (7,080 searches per year)
  6. “How to stop a leaking pipe?” (3,840 searches per year)
  7. “How to fix change a light bulb?” (2,520 searches per year)
  8. “How to fix a light switch?” (1,680 searches per year)
  9. “How to change a led ceiling light?” (1,320 searches per year)
  10. “How to change a 2pin halogen light bulb?” - (1,320 searches per year)

While these Google searches reflect the rise of Britons looking for assistance from the internet to fix their at home dilemmas, alldayPA have also spoken to a plumber and electrician based in Dover and Liverpool to find out more about their work life and why these problems are on the rise as more people are calling in for tradespeople to fix these issues urgently.

Self-employed plumber Shaun Smith, age 55 from Dover commented on the rise of plumber call outs:

Plumbers have seen a rise of work since the pandemic due to customers wanting to renovate, extend or redesign their homes. So, I’ve been needed on bigger projects which take more time to complete. We have also been called out for more emergency calls and standard leaks like leaky taps as people have been using these more due to working from home, therefore, there’s always a possibility of something breaking.”

“With being self-employed one of my toughest challenges is getting supplies for these common call outs as plumbers have experience a shortage of parts which means we give customers two visits rather than one as we have to evaluate the problem before making an order as we can potentially fix this without needing a new pipe, clip or cap.”

“My main priority as a plumber is to make customers happy. However, this is becoming more difficult due to the rise of customer enquiries. Therefore, having a personal assistant or someone helping manage my customer schedule would help me out in the future.”

Self-employed electrician, Jack Gibney age 30 from Liverpool shares how the pandemic has made electricians stay more local for work due to the rise of work in their local area:

“There has been a rise in people needing an electrician over the past year. A lot more people have been at home wanting to renovate their houses which has seen an increase in work across the trade sector, as well as more appliances being used, which sometimes causes shortages, technical problems, etc.”

“There has also been an increase in the amount of work for JG Test & Inspection as a lot more residential and commercial buildings have needed circuits and installations testing for safety and legal purposes with new residents and businesses in these buildings. I have also been called out for a lot smaller jobs such as light switch fixes as more people are using their power while working remotely.“

Jack Gibney commented on how busy tradespeople can benefit from alldayPA customer service:

“We have looked into using alldayPA for JG Test & Inspection, as they can help manage time and schedules better. As someone who finds it hard to manage a diary while running a business and being on the road or busy at a job that requires my full attention, I am unable to answer the phone and respond to messages. A PA would help manage this responsibility quickly and professionally, meaning greater customer service and potentially more work.”

Along with supporting these tradespeople with their customer enquiries, the alldayPA team have taken the time to learn about their clients’ industries and have helped support customers on the phone as they took note of their problem and have been able to determine if their case is an emergency or non-emergency call. Following this structure has been helpful for plumbers and electricians as they have been able to prioritise urgent call outs and plan their day more effectively.

alldayPA Head of Customer Services Gareth Jeffery comments on how alldayPA has seen a rise of calls in relation to plumbing and electrical problems across the UK:

“During the pandemic we have seen an increasingly high number of calls come through the SMEs we deal with who work within the trade industry. Some of the workers which we have had to assist since the start of the Covid-19 crisis were in fact plumbers and electricians as people we were having to self-isolate and had problems with their water and electricity. Along with dealing with emergency calls, and helping our clients schedule their workload. We have also seen how people are choosing to renovate their homes and therefore have caused these workers to need our support.”

“To help our clients, we have a team who are available to talk to 24/7 who are knowledgeable about these common plumbing and electrical problems and we have been able to advise customers on how to deal with their home dilemma, from arranging an emergency call to helping fix the problem at home. We have a team who have learned expert insights for our clients and have been able to assist customers with replacing light bulbs, switches, stopping leaking taps and resetting fuse boxes.”

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